Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sometimes it takes a Friend to get us to DISCOVER new things

Sometimes it takes a friend to get us to discover new things, even in our own front yard!  My friends Anita and Bob, were just here from Austin, Texas and we spent several days completely immersed in outdoor activity! San Luis Obispo County offers so many wonderful experiences without having to look very far! One of the highlights was kayaking out front of the house.   There are caves to the south, some of which I have paddled through in the past, but yesterday, the three of us beached our kayaks in a cove where these amazing caves and arches were.  It was so dramatic!  I could not believe I had not tried this before, as it is only a short paddle south from our beach.  Needless to say, Bob and Anita loved it too.
Anita will be announcing our visit to Austin this fall with a book signing in the Westlake area.   It will be great to get back to Austin. Thank you both for the great time and for inviting us to come to Austin next!

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