Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Bless the Beasts

The routine of regular morning walks brings with it a sense of comfort, motivation, anticipation and familiarity.  Even though the routes are always routine, it is never boring. In fact, if we miss a day, it is like not having that first cup of coffee in the morning.
One of our routes is through the village of Arroyo Grande which is featured in several places in our book, REAL, especially in the chapter of Life about Jim and Garin.  In an area along the creek, by the swinging bridge, behind a row of businesses, we always greet the dozens of roosters who enjoy the serenity of the creekside.  Lately we noticed a rabbit, which was a surprise, as it was a domestic rabbit.  In the next few days, we timed our walks a bit differently and found that there are more animals than we ever knew living in the creek area right down town, cats, rabbits, roosters and who knows what else. These animals are mostly those who, sadly, have been abandoned by their owners.  They all come out of hiding and when they hearthe call of some wonderful volunteers.  It was a surprise to me and Candy, my walking buddy, that there are a handful of people who come to feed these animals.  We thanked another woman this morning as she scooped some food out from her truck and greeted the happy critters who flocked to her feet.  It was a warm and cheerful thing to witness, even though they were unwanted, they were getting love and food.  They responded to her chatting and gentleness.  So far, it does not appear to be out of hand, and it seems to be something the volunteers look forward to doing in the morning.  However, we were hoping that it does not give more people the invitation to cast their animals out in hopes that they will be cared for.  This is a lucky bunch, which seems to have a safe balance and have found caring hands and hearts.  Thank you volunteers. Thank you to all who love and cherish, and want to keep their furry, feathered, scaly family members.