Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Big Waves, Big Projects, Good Hearts

REAL ISN'T...  Even though this video clip has been a part of our site for months, it has a power that still moves me incredibly.  Somehow, the magic of telling a story, combining the arts of music, images, text and graphic design in a technical medium like this really does touch our souls.  Our eyes, ears, and hearts are affected. We seem to find a sense of connection, to each other and to something that we experience in the seconds or minutes  it takes to watch a clip. I am so grateful for this wonderful work and hope you enjoy it if you have not seen it yet.  David, our videographer, created this for REAL.  Featured in the Dreams chapter, he is currently working on a new surf film with his crew and several of surfing's pros.  Recently, the guys filmed in Nicaragua, then traveled the east coast from Florida to New York, post Irene.  They stopped in North Carolina to help clean up debris around the homes of friends who had suffered damage there.  They are wrapping up in New York at the Quiksilver Pro 2011.  It is refreshing to know there are busy and successful people out there who have willingness to help others, like producing our smaller video, and even more, helping serve in the aftermath of a hurricane.  Thank you, David, and we look forward to your new film!