Thursday, September 22, 2011

What is in a Question? Lots of Questions!

Last night I was included in a gathering of newly acquainted women at the home of a friend.  She was working on a project and had a survey that we were invited to fill out.  As the evening went on, our conversation and curiosity over pizza and wine,  developed into sharing our answers, some of which were very personal and obviously diverse.
I found it was a delightful time of just listening to others and really getting to hear honest perspectives that surprised us all.  Just to share a few of the things I learned... my responses went from totally tickled to very sincere appreciation.  One of my fun favorites was "What is your favorite word?"  Who thinks of that?  I kind of had, but never thought of sharing it with anyone...   This was the time to not worry about how silly it was or how personal it was.
    I loved all of the responses! Favorite words were:  Authentic, which, '"BAM', I love the word, authentic! ... it is what REAL the book is all about" , I thought , "This woman speaks my language! "
Another was "Three", just because three represents so many important and classic things, there are many truths about "Three".  I found that I loved that word too, even though I had not thought of it before.  Next, the word Peace came up.... just the sound of it was so quieting and almost elusive.... we all connected with the desire, and yet, how far off the reality of that word might be in the world.  Inside myself, I did not bring it up,  I was thankful that there is such a thing as inner or personal peace.... funny how peace created a bit of discomfort for a fleeting moment. Not for long though.... the last favorite words were fun and "feel good" words.  They were fun to say, fun to know and fun to feel in our mouths.  One was "eleemosynary"which means relating to charity.  Of course it is a good word- everyone loves a  charitable effort, but the word itself felt so fun to say!   We discussed our feelings about if it would still be as fun if it meant something evil or malicious. Our vote was a Unanimous "NO".. which was the next word: NO.... perfect!   We all need to learn that one.... No explanation needed.
I added my words:  weird but lasting and true, to me:  Ok... "Schmetterling" (Ger for butterfly) fun to say, fun to think of... and "Putzelbaum"(Ger for somersault) fun to say and definitely fun  to think of!!!  I have loved those words for 40 years!!!!!! I don't know why, I just have.  and maybe now in my older years I may not be saying them or spelling them correctly anymore... I have created my own joy from those words.  They make me smile.  This evening, I shared my new, one week old,  favorite word: from devotional book, "Streams in the Desert". The word is Cherith.  It is from old testament, 1 Kings.  Elijah is seeking his safe, hiding place by a brook of this name... getting away from attention  and pressure... and seek God's will, at a place called his Cherith.
"Streams" writes of many notable people finding their "Cherith" in order to serve the higher purpose, get away from the influences of society and distractions.  I felt so drawn to this word a few days ago, and have fallen in love with it.  Life has been so full of great, wonderful and terrible things all at once.   I want to find my Cherith.
Thank you Karen, for a memorable and fun night. For pizza, wine, dogs, comfort and great talk.

"Oui" Three!

Oui one is here! Grayson Jude has made his appearance after nine months of anticipation!  Photographer of REAL, Terilee Dawn and her husband Ryan Ouimette are proud to announce they are not THREE.... I guess they could be called "Oui" Three!

They are settling in and Grayson has already developed quite a following, especially women of all ages!  Hugs and cuddles abundant have met him at every turn.  He will soon become the subject of Terilee's photography. TD's Top Model!

I wanted to share a photo I took of father and son at the Central Coast Book Festival at the Mission in San Luis Obispo last weekend.