Monday, November 14, 2011

Love, the Common Thread

It has been so fun to receive the many comments and personal stories of our readers.   Just recently we received a kind card which enclosed this photograph.  It is the proud and happy portrait of four generations of the ladies in a Minnesota family.  Great- grandma, Evelyn, sent this of her daughter, grand daughter and great grand daughters.  Surely there are many stories that are imagined as we look at the tiny hands, the graceful aged hands, the hard working hands and the lively, bold fingernail polish.  This is precious.   Thank you for sharing this example of family and great love,  of time and ties. 

There are images like this that get passed on through emails, and the fact that they get passed on is because we all "get it".  Our hands really do speak volumes, but the greatest and strongest theme is LOVE.