Thursday, September 15, 2011

Steppin' up and out- Nashville to Cali

Our community expected good things on Tuesday evening, but this was beyond!   Thomas Maupin and Daniel Rothwell surpassed any hopes we had of our bluegrass and "down home" friends and family event!
The chapel was packed, seats were added in the foyer and on the front porch... and side door... people were even in the street watching and listening to the joyful foot stomping, toe tapping music that filled the air. The love that grandpa and Daniel share for not only eachother but for music and for goodwill was contagious.  The humility they displayed was exemplary! So much talent, so much achievement, so much generosity, yet they just wanted to share the happiness and simplicity of music and being together. We wish you the very very best , both of you ... and to your band.  Happy travels till you get back to Tennessee.  Hope you come again!