Thursday, September 1, 2011

You Want to Hold MY Hand? "Paws"ing with Hurley

Ever have one of those days where the dam finally breaks, and all of the issues and feelings and worries that have been on hold, trying to stay within a tolerable and controlled level, cannot be contained anymore?  This was one of those mornings... and I had no choice but to let it all come gushing out as ungraceful, messy, teary, ugly as it was ... and My husband, who had only been home for hours during the last several weeks, was the target of it all.
Once I started, I could not stop, and it felt good most of the time. I was thankful that he just listened and waited to see what response might be appropriate.  "Never seen you like that before," he said after I was mostly done with my flood of emotion.  The discussion led to the decision to go on a hike with our adopted dog, Hurley.  We were really enjoying the opportunity to make up for "lost time", to enjoy no interruptions,  talking while on the trail.
This "Rest of the Story" is why I am even sharing this here in the blog...  Hurley usually requires two doggie-doo bags at any outing, however I only brought one this time.  Like clockwork, he did his business shortly after the start of the trail. I put my hand in the bag to pick up his pile and then remembered that if he did another, I would not be able to pick that one up too, with a full bag.  I, then, took the contents of the bag by "inside out" tossing the material off into the bushes.  Next I neatly folded the bag up for the subsequent crouch, which appeared to be imminent after about another 1/8 mile.  By this time, my husband and I were chattering non-stop, especially me, and completely engaged in the conversation, when I noticed Hurley get into position.  Automatically, I got the bag out and put my hand inside.... YEEEEEWW! I realized what I had done and pulled it out immediately to find my hand covered in slimey doggie doo.... my next thought and exclamation was about how not only might I have scared my husband about my strong and emotional outpouring this morning, but now he will NEVER hold my hand!!!  Instead he proved to be the man I know he is and he, with the heartiest laugh ever, said, "I will gladly hold your hand!" as he took my brown slippery hand into his.  We have had the best, gut wrenching laughs all day, especially Hurley!  Hope it makes raises a smile or two for others!