Friday, September 2, 2011


 For the last several days I have been fascinated by this man, Curtis.  I met him on our early morning walk with Candy and Teri and knew about his project, but had not had minute to go to greet him and donate my items until today.                    

Curtis is in Shell Beach gathering building materials, clothing,  toiletries and other items needed in Louisiana.   This is one of many, many trips he has done in the last 4 years.    His mission is  monumental, and he must be very much loved in the towns where he is able to unload his collection to those who will find their burden lighter, because of this man.  He is doing a great work, and a truly amazing thing about Curtis is his infectious manner and optimism.  He has such faith and determination. He radiates hope, acceptance and love which seem to attract people from all over and excite them about having such a generous and giving spirit.  People are drawn to him and his project.  Like "magic", in the parking lot, they are gathering, giving, meeting each other in a spirit of community and acceptance.  It is refreshing to see this effort in action.  There is no doubt that each person counts, we all make a difference.. it is about how we want to do that.  In looking at Curtis hands,  Very very REAL!  they reveal the story of a man who is working hard, giving much and lived deeply... also the story of a man who is devoted, brave and happy following his heart.     In fact the name of his foundation is: Follow Your Heart Action Network 
You can donate to this foundation on the website! See your giving at work! 
Bless you, Curtis, as you are a blessing to many including the hearts of those here in Shell Beach!