Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Flying, Family, Freezing and the Deep Dark Woods!

sunrise california from the air

cold farmland Minnesota December 10

Moonrise evening of December 10
so cold and crisp

the deep dark woods...

the deeper darker woods...

the moon peeking through the deep dark woods of Maple Lake Minnesota
cold cold winter

After the passing of Bob in Minnesota, I was thankful to be able to attend the service and family gatherings surrounding the time of tribute and memories.....
The flights and connections added up to a long day on Friday and Sunday, but were well worth day of gratitude and warmth in between.  Lots of hugs and tears and smiles, and lots of food later, I felt so close and  comfortable even though far from home.  

One of the most vivid and alive stories was about the "deep dark woods".  These woods are dense and along a dirt road that has been used for decades as a short cut or diversion from the ordinary  route to school, church or the market.  They were freezing cold and stark.  The trees and darkness inspire the imagination.... creatures, critters and things that do more than go "bump" in the night!
Loved the cold, the family warmth, the traditions and the love!