Monday, September 26, 2011

How Do You Put Happy Into Words??

It is such a wonderful feeling to see our book in hard cover.... and we were excited and delighted with the soft cover!   This is just over the top!   In the last few days we were able to debut REAL in hard cover at the Mission Plaza in San Luis Obispo at the Central Coast Author and Book Festival.  It was a wonderful day and so great to meet everyone who had a chance to stop by!  We decided to have some fun and draw names for the new hard cover, and soft cover, notecards and book marks... One occurred the night of the Festival and another occurred just last night from our Facebook page.   Congratulations to all of our winners and we hope you are blessed by the stories and photos and people you meet in REAL.  As the weeks go by we plan to do some more surprises... it is just too much fun! Thank you all!!!!
This photo here is of Daniel, one of the most inspirational and brave people I have ever met.  You can find him in Inspiration chapter....