Thursday, September 29, 2011

Now That's Entertainment!

yes, chickens in the tree! 
In REAL, the Life chapter, there is a story about Garin and Jim, a village of Arroyo Grande couple who changed the village with creative solution to the poultry population in that busy business section in a very positive way.  Life goes on in the village and the charm is still there,  delightful restaurants and side walk, terrace dining, fascinating variety shops and boutiques, antique stores.  The roosters still abound in their colorful and friendly attitude.  Recently we visited Gather Wine Bar, in the village to discuss a book event there.  Gather is such a cozy, warm and welcoming place, with an ambiance that encourages guests to be comfortable and really have a time to share, listen, relax and enjoy being together or even a quiet intimate corner.

Owner, Kari , welcomed us and immediately showed us out to the back patio, where she wanted to show us something "REAL". The beloved roosters of the village have found that the large citrus tree is a great place to GATHER and add to the charm of this totally fun wine bar.  The birds make their way there at nightfall and stay put all night, until the sunrises again and they go out to roam the creekside parking lot. Now that is entertainment that puts a smile on your face!