Sunday, August 28, 2011

Books Blogs and Baby!

It is a big week for my dear friend and photographer, Terilee, and her husband Ryan.  Their first baby is due any day, and I know they are so ready.  I am so excited for this young and very grounded couple who have many, many friends, have traveled extensively, contributed to their church and community and are each other's best friend.  I am so thrilled that Terilee has been able to do the photo shoots for REAL, as well as many for our La Perla del Mar Chapel and family.  Her talent is so much a part of her. However, I know that as the new little one captivates her and Ryan's complete love, when Terilee decides to pick up her camera, it will be as if she never put it down!  Wishing this young family the very best always!  Blessed birth and life with baby!  Check out Terilee and Ryan's pre baby photos at