Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Going to the Chapel a "Piece of Peace"

Hot Pink Crystals were the project of the morning, as Suzanne came over to help paint the hundreds of dots and drops, catching drips along the way.  The combination of hot pink, black and metallic gold keeps the work fun, and doing it with a friend makes it go fast and even more fun.
Promptly at 11:20, we stowed our tools and supplies and went separate ways: Suz,  to  her appointment and me, to our chapel by the sea, La Perla del Mar.
We have been hosting a delightful stained glass window exhibit for almost three weeks.  Jim Cain of Los Osos had a reception and show of his inspired art work.  He has come during the lunch hour gallery time, however this week, because of a family crisis, I took his place.  I am thankful when I can find a block of time to sit in that precious space.  It is so intimate, quiet and spirit filled.  The walls, the floor, the rafters hold a wealth of stories of people who have filled it over the last seven decades. This is a place that encourages stillness, calm and peace, especially good for someone like me who has a hard time sitting down during a day.

As I waited for gallery visitors, I worked on prayer quilts for Saint John's Lutheran Church, stitching in yarn ties.  The rhythm of stitching was pleasantly interrupted as and occasional visitor walked into the chapel with wide eyed appreciation of the church and the beauty of the windows.  Jims' colored glass panes invited rich colors of light onto the wood floor and through the room, which captivated their audience.
I felt so much gratitude for the place and time of sitting today in our little chapel, during the final days of Jim's stained glass exhibit... That little chapel remains standing just for that:   "Piece of Peace"  waiting with a welcome.