Sunday, November 13, 2011

Ask a Busy Woman!

       Recently, I shared another favorite quote:  "If your work speaks for itself, don't interrupt." a photo    of the amazing late artist, Chet Hill.  The same day, I met with Connie, the director of our 620 seat performing arts center to discuss a new event I had committed to inviting to our area.  That quote rang true for Connie that morning. She was beautifully dressed- with even a bit of feminine sparkle, or "bling", high heels, long polished nails, and gorgeous hair. Her manner was one of comfortable confidence and focus as we immediately sat down to work on details of the event.  This woman really knows her stuff, running the performing arts center, managing events and people, schedules and contracts. Her knowledge of budgets, marketing, and computer skills were easy to her, but obviously the level of only a pro.  As she babied her long, shiny thumbnail, she explained that she had been working already in the dark of early morning with her cattle, and one of the calves had become ornery and rough and in grabbing his halter, the nail painfully broke.  The image came to mind of Superwoman, in heels, out in the pen wrestling calves before she came to her office.  These two photos came from scenes in her office, and speak volumes about someone like Connie:  The humorous plaque and collection of coffee mugs and water bottles made me        admire her even more.