Saturday, December 17, 2011

What Music Looks Like!

I could not help but feel my heart singing to this! 
Clouds dancing to what must be joyous and playful music! 

Smart 'hop or Smart Shop, How does YOURS run?

Uncle Dave is in the introduction to REAL, his story is an affirmation of the stories our hands have to tell.  He is having a hard time remembering much, but his hands show the work he has done, and his creations show the ways he has impacted his community, his family and even the world. He created a contraption decades ago that looks like a giant turntable... it spun slabs of heavy steel and would bend the edges down so that it would provide a better seal for tanks of all types... He played around with an old hose from hair dryers and tubing and blankets and created the prototype for warming blankets.  His shop is gloriously full of materials and tools, full of life and ideas.  I love his tablets of commandments where it says , "The smart shop is not run by a computer" ... and "that the smart shop can be anywhere that we are"!  Everyone has his or her own smart shop!