Saturday, September 17, 2011

How Fun to Anticipate a Full Day of Friends and Fun!

Getting ready for a season of book events.  It is really fun to share our book and how it came to be, but really the most fun to share the stories of the people in REAL.   That is what it is all about.  Tomorrow we are thankful that some of our REAL people are joining us at the Central Coast Author and Book Festival at Mission Plaza in San Luis Obispo!   We will have Ken and Mary from our Hope chapter and Lois from Inspiration.... and our cover girl!  She is bringing one of her wooden, mechanical toy creations to give away with our new hard cover book or sell to benefit the Shell Beach Library! Here we share photos of Betty ( Balance) and Kallie (Wisdom and Acceptance)  It will be a beautiful day in SLO tomorrow! Come on out!