Saturday, November 19, 2011

Here's Jonny!

It was with a bit of daring and whim that we decided to get the cartilage of our ears pierced.  Of course the potential for pain was a factor, but the intimidation I felt about going to a tattoo parlor was another obstacle for me to overcome.  My three daughters insisted that this shop was the best in town.
Jonny met us and gave us forms to complete and asked for the required identification.  In addition to his multiple tattoos and facial piercings, Jonny’s nonchalant demeanor had me curious.
“Before we actually do this, I need to know something.” I asked, much to my daughters’ embarrassed groans.  “Are you happy today?  Are you in a good mood?”  He looked up and spoke sincerely, “Yeah!  I just got back from a vacation and you are the first customers today. I am rested and happy.  This will be easier than you might think.”
He took the four of us into his workspace, which, besides the artwork and cluttered d├ęcor looked much like a dental office complete with autoclaved instruments, sterile materials, and sparkling stainless steel.  This young man took his work seriously and treated us with sensitivity and deliberate care.  He talked us through the procedure, step by step . . . “the needle goes in as you exhale . . . it will be as smooth as a knife through butter.”
Jonny was extremely hygienic, changing gloves, materials, and tools with each person, checking for blood vessel anatomy on each of our ears to be sure he had marked the correct spot.  As each of us stood up with our new earring, and attentively listened to Jonny’s post care instructions, we were so relieved and proud!
Tattoos and piercings may be at the peak of popularity, but Jonny’s manner reminded us that etiquette, patience, respect and daring never go out of style.