Saturday, October 1, 2011

So You Think You Can't Dance?

There is something about dancing that is so appealing and freeing.   Just watching other people dance is enough to inspire a smile and a joyous feeling in me.  I truly admire those who can learn a routine, or follow their partner's lead, or perform as an expression of story or feeling through music and movement.  It is entertaining, athletic, and artistic.  Sometimes I even get a bit envious, since I have a extreme lack of talent, experience and confidence in dancing.  How wonderful it must be to step out and swing, swirl and leap... tap, step and wiggle to the music?  I believe the brain must have a compartment where dance talent develops, and I must have missed out or have waited too long and now brain and limbs don't communicate fast enough to keep up, nor do the brain cells remember the steps beyond the span of minutes.  We recently participated in a flash mob which allowed us to be "anonymous" and blend into the mass, but also have dozens of dancers to follow, so that remembering the routine was not an issue.  The effort and experience were worth it, so silly and exhilarating.  We decided it did not matter how we danced but that we danced at all!  If laughter is good medicine, then dancing is its sister "energy boost" or mega vitamin!