Thursday, August 18, 2011

Ready Set GOLD!

Thanks to Judy Watkins and Remnants of the Past Fall 2011, I am back at creating sets!  Her idea was to create 9 large panels (8'x4') in glittering gold metallic, double sided that will hang from the ceiling of the Madonna Inn Expo Center during the weekend long event.  A total of 18 chandeliers, each covered with hundreds of hot pink  crystals will be painted, one on each side of the 9 panels.  Really a fun idea. Laura came out to paint today and we were delighted to finish the priming and finally get to test the "pharoah gold" color! The photo does not reflect the glimmer, but it is going to be Fabulous!  Good to get our hands dirty, a little bit of sun, and take our tea breaks after each coat of paint.  I am honored to be contributing to Judy's mission.  She and "Remnants" benefit the SLO Women's Shelter from the success of the show, and it is more and more successful every year! Congratulations Judy!  And best wishes to all who participate in this fall's event!