Monday, November 28, 2011

The Art of Slowing Down- Gladys, Wisdom and Acceptance

Her fingers are taking a shape of their own these days.  At times, to use or move them is painful.  She can still write a letter and occasionally she can piece together a jigsaw puzzle.  She enjoys reading her Bible, however her interests are more than sedate. With the excited energy of a sports fan, she looks forward to golf tournaments on television and loves to keep up with the stats of her favorite players. 
Gladys has strong and fond memories of the earliest days of her local Lutheran church.  It was in that church that she found her calling, one to which she was devoted.  She took on a range of responsibilities and held multiple church positions before she ultimately became the designated writer of notes, acknowledgements, birthday greetings, and thank you cards. 
She brought to the task the training of her Midwest education, and a self-cultivated discipline and commitment to continue practicing impeccable penmanship.  Her skill exemplified “the art of letter writing.” 
The perfect lines, loops, and cursive lettering of her early notes appear almost like fine lace—an art form of her own design, delicate and beautiful.  Her handwriting encapsulates a legacy of excellence and attention to detail that somehow in its perfection still exudes warmth and love. To hold her hand-written note is to experience grace and beauty.
The flowers and trees outside her sliding glass door are her daily entertainment.  There is pleasure in witnessing the small changes of the seasons and the sounds of the birds that bring the outdoors to Gladys.  She is homebound with physical limitations, yet she is far from bored.  She has learned the art of slowing down and doing less. Life is simple and visitors are treasured.