Monday, October 24, 2011

Celebrating Fall, Light House Picnic and Work Ranch without the work!

light house picnic

The 14 or so of us call ourselves the "10th Street Gang" because we have had a tradition of gathering for an evening of total fun and lot and lots of food at a wonderful Basque style restaurant in San Miguel called none other than the 10th Street Cafe.  Over the years we have have added other adventures like hiking across the hills over looking Port San Luis to the historic light house with backpacks laden with amazing food and wine for a sunset picnic to celebrate the change of seasons and shorter days of fall.  We have arranged softball games teamed either with or against our own growing kids and again.... food!  In all, these are fun and easy times right in our own back yard that are creating memories and stimulate new ideas for what we can do next.  This last week we were able to do a trail ride at the immense 12,000 acre Work Ranch in San Miguel.  The drive itself was spectacular. Once off the 101 north, and then the 46 West, we headed into the hills between Cholame and San Miguel winding through vineyards and ranch lands until we came to the ranch where our horses were saddled and waiting.  Just the smell and the creaking sound of the leather, and the warmth and strength of the horses reminded our senses that we were out of our usual element.   The views were spectacular and the ride was comfortable and exhilarating. Some most entertaining moments during the 90 minutes came from the ranch dogs, several sizes of Heinz 57's, bustling alongside and ahead, jumping in the water troughs, curiously digging up good smelling discoveries and happily laying in the shade and dust when we returned to the stables.  Needless to say dinner followed in Templeton as we drove off into the sunset.  
Thank you to our guide, Serena for a great adventure!