Thursday, July 22, 2010

What Readers Are Saying...

Every time I think I've found a favorite, I read another one I like just as much. I think they're all equally moving and well thought out. I can't think of how to succinctly get the point across of how great REAL is. I am behind this book 100%.

Karen, Karen Grencik Literary Agency

I love your book "Real." As someone who sees her hands becoming like those of her mother and grandmother's, it is inspiring to be reminded of the "soul" that is reflected in those wrinkles and spots. The entire book is a treat.

Mary F., Vintner

Anyone will truly enjoy reading the stories behind each photo of hands; they are personal stories, of joys, conflicts, failures and acceptance. And what accomplishments are recorded in these stories, acknowledging life's challenges and meeting them head on. You will look at hands as you never have before.

JoAnn Rossi, retired OTR, Hand Therapist, retired Ergonomics Specialist

My wife has given it to three of her friends and interestingly I found that the husbands have picked it up and reading it also. All have had very positive comments. Great job on the book. Looks great, photos are excellent and keeps your attention while reading. One just cannot wait to get to the next story.

  1. P. Bank Founder

I LOVE "Real." I have cried, smiled and laughed each time I read a part of the book. WOW! I really do treasure it.

  1. C. Senior Staff Writer, Times Press Recorder

May I say you are a wonderful writer. The descriptions of these people with holy hands are superb---and I am a reader, so think I know good writing when I see it. Please keep writing!

Sister Susan, Old Mission Santa Barbara

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