Thursday, June 16, 2011

Fast Forward

Most of the time, I really believe I should be back in the day of these photos. The women who lived and worked here were my family....  I am more that type of pioneer woman, not a modern pioneer woman.
Fast forward to today... We are reworking our media, just to see what we seem  be able to fit... Kind of like trying on new shoes ... Wish it were easier for me to learn!  I often wonder if anyone else has as hard a time as me.  I am so thankful to have some real pros who can advise or even just do! God bless them.

It is hard to believe the choices there are for everything, it is just hard for me to find them! I admire those who have the instinct of where to look on their screens, the courage to not worry about making mistakes, the whimsy to just play with it and the time it takes to do so!  What a world we are in ! Reminded of Brad Paisley's "Welcome to the Future" 

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