Saturday, June 11, 2011

Secret to staying young? Keep playing!

In our book REAL, we feature about 60 people.  The hands that grace our cover are those of featured "Inspiration" chapter character, Lois.  She continues to live a very full and challenging life right on the beach with her giant garden, her dogs and her toy shop.  It is hard to believe she is over 80.
After walking the dogs and playing a round of tennis, she usually heads back to her shop to create and build.  Over decades she has gone from designing and building serious implements and hardware, such as splints, for people with hand problems.  For the last several years, that desire to engineer and "make things work" has evolved to a greater pleasure: toy making.  There are numerous toys in her home and they are all of one type of animal or another or several.... and they all move!  Not just one movement, but several complex movements and for long duration.  They each use one tiny "motor", strings, wood and recycled materials.  It is mind boggling to see them in action and to know that the eyes, mind, and fingers that have made all of them started doing so at nearly age 80.    Here is her most recent creation.... The mouths move, the feet tap, the hands and arms move and the heads bob and tails wiggle.  IT only takes a few days of rest from completing something like this and Lois is already envisioning and engineering another.  She says, " We don't quit playing because we get old, we get old because we quit playing."   We salute you Lois.   All the best. 

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