Sunday, November 6, 2011

Beauty for Dinner?

 I have always claimed to prefer doing something outdoors and active rather than being in the kitchen.  Cooking has never been something I would boast about, although I do enjoy good food... However, as I began to prepare our family's favorite chili, something struck me that I had not noticed in such a long time.  It was the absolute, natural beauty of the fruit and vegetables in the morning sun on the cutting board.  The colors were so vivid, and variety was miraculous. Everything about this scene struck me with amazement.  God sure knows what he is doing and must have a really good time doing it.

As all of the ingredients were finally added and the flavors and scents grew, the timing was perfect as David and Sterling arrived from the Bay area, several days of surfing and filming. Tired and hungry... That great smell of cooking in the kitchen to sooth and revive the weary traveler.

Glad I know how to make a few things, besides breakfast for dinner.  I admire friends who can really get creative and passionate about cooking... at least for a few minutes I think I understood.

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