Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day to Everyone!

“Pistol was for sale,” she says, speaking of the beautiful sorrel gelding in the pasture, “He was being sold for dog food, and Rosie needed a stable mate.”  Certainly, Diane had been one of those children who would come home with stray cats or dogs and beg, “Please, can I keep him?”  She has a big heart for the rejected and has a home and acreage to match.  Since the abused Pistol has found his home, he has gained a deep trust for Diane and is becoming more at ease with strangers.  He and Rosie, the mare, find comfort in each other and in the safety of the healing environment that Diane and her husband, Ed, have created for them. 
It was rewarding to discover that Diane’s knowledge and expertise as a physical therapist would be able to help Pistol.  Diane would regularly and gently treat his ailing body and lame leg with massage and therapeutic tools.  He began to respond with gradual healing, and affection toward Diane.  Over time his body actually expelled a large splinter of wood about the size of a pencil from his leg.  His lameness was cured and in time the wounds in his soul would heal.
Most of Diane’s patients are people.  They arrive with their stressed and tight muscles, stiff joints, and the accumulation of worry and injury.  She is a patient healer, a good listener—gentle, strong, and tenacious.  Her sense of humor makes the work lighter, but as an advocate of balance and health, her wisdom is unshakeable.  Her long, wavy, graying hair is pulled easily back into a ponytail and her skin is warmly tanned from the outdoors.  She exudes a natural beauty that tempers any clinical tone in her medical art. 
Although she loves her human clients, horses and dogs have been Diane’s passion for decades.  As she takes Pistol for a morning ride on the beach, she absorbs his gift to her . . . his affection, energy, and spirit. This horse, once considered dog food, became a treasured friend . . . restored and renewed with the touch of her hand.

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