Sunday, March 4, 2012

Magic of Mac and Moonstone

This was a day that I won't forget!  Warm and mellow California day.  Stopping by the Mac Superstore for Doug to check out computers, and lo and behold I discovered something I never knew existed! When I saw it it was as if I heard chimes and angels singing... a piano keyboard that hooks up to the computer with a USB adaptor and you can be playing piano as much and any way you want!!!! The price was unbelievable... Of course I now have it right in front of this keyboard...  waiting to be played the minute I finish here.  My own piano has been at La Perla del Mar Chapel for years and I have missed it, even though I can play there... still miss having it right here at home.  This is a real gift and miracle.... that satisfies the need to create my own rhythm, melody, or disappear into a different "dimension" with Bach, Cat, Joni, or Bacharach... Ah!!!!
After leaving the Mac store, we headed up to Moonstone Beach south of San Simeon for a lazy walk and glorious time belly down and finding treasures in the acres of stones warmed by the sun... It was like time standing still for a bit... We could have stayed there forever, entertained by the magic of these stones that must have travelled and been tossed and tumbled for ages...
   We did finally decide to head south toward home and find a place for lunch.  Funny how laziness worked up our appetites!  Doug had his favorite oysters and a happy man, one who would turn around in the next few hours to rise to the demands of the Emergency Room of a valley trauma center once again.  The day was food for the soul,  just the medicine he needed!

I hope these photos reflect the calm and escape of those hours!

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