Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Nothing like helping others, and having fun doing it!

 Next week is the CHAIR ITY fund raiser for the Santa Maria Public Library! It was such a pleasure to be a part of the project and call upon some of my creative skills and imagination to serve.  One of the chairs they really wanted was for the book Moby Dick, so I volunteered that right away.  I stayed away from violent images though and kept it imaginative and spirited instead...  Inspired by that one, I next chose a popular novel... and who does not love dogs... The Call of the Wild.  One of my favorites, it was natural and easy.  It was fun to add the icicles along the chair seat edge.  Last, the committee called and needed Ramona to be painted on a chair that no one had committed to yet, so of course, I could not say no... Here she is, just as I remember her from my children's reading times in elementary school.

After that project, a friend needed help preparing a craft for her monthly children's outreach.  Recruiting Lois (REAL's cover girl) and George (Purpose chapter of REAL) we were able to come up with wooden toy bears that will move when the mechanism is added.  Here is the bear with a sample of painted design.  The kids will do their own of course and hopefully have as much fun as we have had! 

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  1. oh shell! i LOVE these! you are soo talented and creative! i'm going to bid on one of your chairs! i love you so much! xoxo